By continuous keeping us up to date on trends and developments in the market – as well as to go on fairs all over the world – can we assure us that we have at any given time a wide range of trendy products available to our customers.

Within the item group interior, we can provide more than 4000 different items.  A large proportion of this range is manufactured by our staff – and in cooperation with our customers and suppliers. The interior goods are imported mainly from China, but also from other countries in East and from a number of European countries.

The product range in interior parts is divided into four product groups:

Basket items

Laundrybaskets, shoppingcarts, breadbins, storagebaskets in seagrass, willow, banana leaf and plastic rattan.

Gift-/decoration items

Candles and napkins, candlesticks and vases in glass, forge iron items like pedestal, wine rack and candlesticks for the wall and floor. Urns and pots to the in- and outdoor use in materials such as ceramics, plastic rattan and zinc.


Accessories to the bathroom – like toilet brushes, toilet paper holders, medicine chest in chrome and glass.  Towel-bar, hooks and bathroom scales in glass.


We have one of Norway’s largest selections of Christmasitems – Santa’s, trappings and decorations, julekuler, candles and napkins. All you need for your Christmas celebration!



Holmen is inspired by Nordic nature, sea, sky and mountains. The collection is characterized by harmony and contemporary design. Our desire is to create warmth and coziness to any home with the feeling of just living, being and enjoy.