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Martinsen is one of Scandinavias largest importers of furniture and interior products.

Our business is built on good business acumen, determination, nose for trends, styles and design - in addition to good logistics and large storage capacity.

As a trading partner, we are committed to being able to see new opportunities and always provide excellent service to our customers.

Relationships are built and maintained when both parties are happy. We will always seek to provide professionalism at all levels - all the time. We at Martinsen have great respect for our customers experiences and expertise in retail - this expertise is a guideline for us to be be able to offer products at the right price and the best quality. Products that will provide excitement in thousands of homes.

From a large network of different suppliers, we build up a wide range of goods consisting of over 8000 different products. Of these, about 50% are replaced annually to ensure that our customers find new and exciting designs. Martinsen has established its own purchasing offices in our production countries to meet our strict requirements for delivery security, product quality and ethical trade.

We have a clear goal for our business

Martinsen will offer customers a complete furniture and interior concept based on product development, competitive prices and cost-effective logistics. We strive to be a leading player in our field.

Martinsen is part of the Dalema group, which is also the owner of House of Yarn and Mr. Plant in Sweden. Martinsen and Mr. Plant have a joint showroom in Tidaholm, Sweden.

Martinsen has more than 50 years of experience with imports from the East. It all started with porcelain, glass and stoneware through the company Opal, based in Oslo. This company was aquired by the current owner, Dag Leo Martinsen, in 1998. Dag Leo Martinsen began his own import business in 1990; Martinsen & Co.

In the following decades, Martinsen has grown rapidly, with several new product groups in interior design and furniture added to the range.

Martinsen is today a complete wholesale department store with furniture and interior design. Annual turnover is approximately NOK 300 million. Our head office with associated showroom of 3,000 sqm, is located at Jevnaker, about 50 minutes drive from Gardermoen / Oslo. We also have a showroom of 2500 sqm in Tidaholm in Sweden, together with Mr. Plant. For more information on Mr.Plant go to www.mrplant.se

Keywords are professional knowledge and enthusiasm. We at Martinsen have a professional attitude towards everything we do, and our expertise provide security for our customers. We strive to be ahead of the curve on our day to day, with profit and enthusiasm characterizing the working day - so we look forward to the next one.
Our employees are hand-picked with this in mind - everyone inspiring each other. This is our team spirit!

We are in an exciting industry and look forward to new challenges. We must always be a step ahead. Our employees work continuously to acquire knowledge about our customers' needs - in addition to being innovators with regard to trends, product development and fashions in the interior market in Norway.

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