Martinsen has a lot of storage – an important factor in our endeavor rapid delivery to our customers. In the course of a year will pass over 100,000 goods through our stock. The storehouse is computerized and is built up by locations that provide secure logistics. Skilled professionals handle modern equipment quickly and efficiently.

We have storehouses at the following locations:

Our two storehouses are located approximately 1 hour from Oslo. Total size 55.000 m².

Storehouse for interior, textiles, kitchen and lighting is located at Hensmoen. The stock holding is 25,000 m². We also have a showroom for garden furnitures at 1200 m² Address: Hensmoveien 21, 3516 Hønefoss.

Storehouse for furniture and garden furniture is located 1 hour drive from Oslo, Norway. Totalt 50.000 m². Address: Industriveien 2, Bergmoen, 3520 Jevnaker.