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We constantly update our collection for the coming season. We want you as a customer to have easy access to our new product range.

Besøk oss på husmesse 22. august - 2. september.


Showroom at Jevnaker

In our 1000 m2 showroom at Jevnaker we display all products of interior décor products, textile, small furniture, furniture and some garden furniture.
Visiting address: Industriveien 2, Bergermoen, 3520 Jevnaker.

Showroom at Hensmoen

In our 2000 m2 showroom at Hensmoen we display all products of garden furniture. Visiting address: Hensmoveien 21, 3516 Hønefoss

A reliable partner

Martinsen is one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of furniture, garden furniture and deco items.
We offer a total concept, with high-quality products and additional accessories. We are a secure partner with a high level of service.

A broad collection, that we renew seasonally, and ambitious warehousing allow us to deliver the right product, to the right price, at the right time, world-wide. As a trading partner we are committed to being able to see new opportunities and always provide excellent service to all our customer.

Large selection for your store

We offer articles in interior deco, home textiles, furniture and supplementary furniture, garden furniture, Christmas and Easter related products. Within several of the product groups, we have our own brands.

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Martinsen Co
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Martinsen Jevnaker
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